Custom LED modules, LED greeting cards and invitations, and LED solutions for retail displays and POP / POS applications.

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Quick Overview

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    Fully Customized Solution

    We can custom design and build LED modules and electronic devices for printed projects, P.O.P or P.O.S. displays.

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    Multiple LED Choices

    Choose from a variety of different sizes and different colors. We can also program specific LED flashing sequences.

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    Multiple Activation Choices

    Choose from different activation methods such as: light sensors (boxes), push buttons, slider switches (greeting cards), magnet switches, motion sensors, and more.

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    Power Options

    Choose from battery or AC WALL power options.

Slider Video Examples slider (greeting card type) Greeting Card Video Examples greeting card Coke Video Examples LEDs in EVA foam Flashing LED Video Examples LED module Fiber Optics Video Examples LED Fiber Optics LED Flash Video Examples POP/POS Display

Slide Why Us? We are True Patent Holders With us, you avoid patent infringement and resulting lawsuits. We have several patents in video, sound, USB, and NFC technology (as shown on Google Patents). 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the quality of our products. Made In North America Since our main facility is in North America, there are no duties or import taxes. Plus you benefit from “North American” quality and workmanship. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. No minimum quantity. 24hr rush service. No Minimum Quantity 24hr Rush Service Two-Year Warranty On many items the min order quantity is 1pc. Rush service is available for an additional fee. Some orders can be shipped within 24 hours. Most products are guaranteed to work for 2 years (battery or power related issues excluded). Send us back any defective units and we will replace them.

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