Add sound to POP/POS displays, signage, standees and more with a highly configurable sound box. You can choose a push button or a motion activated sound player.

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Quick Overview

  • Connector.

    Generous Sound Duration

    Choose from 120sec, 240sec, and 480sec sound durations. Longer durations are available upon request.

  • Connector.

    Long Battery Life

    Included AA battery pack can last up to 3000 plays or up to 2 years. Extend the play life even further with optional D-CELL battery, or AC WALL power options.

  • Connector.

    Compact Size

    STANDARD: 2.51 x 2.95 x 1.00 inches.

  • Connector.

    Push Buttons with Multiple Sounds

    The push buttons can activate the playback of different sounds creating a highly interactive user experience.

  • Connector.

    Motion Sensor Activated (optional)

    Motion sensor activates sound playback when a passerby approaches the display.

Power Options

D-Cell Battery Pack
Life: Up to 7500 plays, up to 2-3 years
AA Battery Pack
Life: Up to 1500 plays, up to 2-3 years
AC USB Wall Adapter
Life: Indefinite

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