Video Books | Hardcover cards with LCD screens that play a custom video when opened.

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Multiple Screen Sizes

Choose from 2.4”, 4.3” or 7.0” LCD screens.

Quick Overview

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    LCD Screen Sizes: 2.4”, 4.3”, 7.0”, 10.0”

    Additional screen sizes are available upon request.

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    Extra Long Battery Life

    850mah li-ion battery. Up to 4 hours of playback, 1 year standby. Double the industry standard.

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    Large Memory Capacity

    Up to 2 hours of video duration can be loaded. Larger capacities are also available upon request.

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    Multiple Card Sizes

    STANDARD: 6.40 x 6.40 x 0.45 inches (4.3” or 2.4” screen size) MINI: 6.15 x 4.00 x 0.45 inches (2.4” screen size)
    CUSTOM SIZES available upon request.

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    Laminated Hardcover

    80pt chipboard; gloss or matte lamination included.

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    Fully Rechargeable

    Fully recharges in 30mins using a standard mini USB cable (included).

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    Integrated Push Buttons with Multiple Videos

    Integrated push buttons can activate the playback of different videos creating a highly interactive user experience.

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    Automatic Video Playback

    Built-in magnet and sensor knows when it is opened and starts video playback automatically.


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