Children’s National Hospital Foundation Talking Invitation Card

The Children’s National Hospital Foundation is a nonprofit organization and the fundraising arm of the Children’s National Hospital. They support medical staff who are advancing their expertise to improve care, develop new therapies, and find cures for diseases. Children’s National Hospital Foundation is using bigDAWGS’ Musical Greeting Cards as invitations to the 2020 Children’s Ball. To help make a difference for the patients and families of Children’s National, visit now!

Children's National Hospital Foundation 1

Tim Tialdo Personalized Video Greeting Card

Tim Tialdo has been in the television industry since 2003. His career revolves in news reporting, hosting, producing, and being a well-known emcee for hundreds of events. He has been a host for Miss USA pageants, professional football and baseball games, fitness competitions, and various charitable auctions. Tim Tialdo is using bigDAWGS’ Video Greeting Cards to send a personal message to a dear friend, Paula. To book Tim or see more of his remarkable works, visit now!

Tim Tialdo

Run For Women by Shoppers Drug Mart Custom Sound Board

Shoppers Drug Mart has been running their LOVE YOU program since 2011. One of their projects is the Run For Women campaign which takes place in 17 cities across Canada. All proceeds from the event will be given to the local communities in support of mental health services. Shoppers LOVE YOU is using bigDAWGS’ Customized Soundboards to promote the Run For Women event. To register online or donate directly to a specific charity in mind, visit now!

Run For Women

Double Good Custom LCD Video Brochure Card

Double Good has been selling gourmet popcorn that is made fresh by hand everyday since 1997. This handmade popcorn is on a mission because 50% of every sale will be given to kids with special needs. Double Good is using bigDAWGS’ Video Greeting Cards to share some of their success stories over the years. To request a free information kit or download the Double Good brochure, visit now!

Double Good v2.0

Palm Valley Animal Center Personalized Singing Invitation Card

Palm Valley Animal Center, or simply PVAC, is a nonprofit animal welfare organization that has been running since 1974. They accept all animals regardless of age, health, and breed with a total intake of more than 30,000 animals annually. PVAC is using bigDAWGS’ Musical Greeting Cards as invitations to the 10th Annual Puppy Love Gala. To adopt, donate, volunteer, or to see more services offered by Palm Valley Animal Center, visit now!

Palm Valley Animal Center