Gold Label by Wolf Blass Promotional Talking Postcards

Gold Label is a statement of uncompromised quality. With its nutty and full of bright complex character, the Gold Label has a creamy palate. An upfront yet charming fruit scents of white nectarines, melons and spice, pushing clean notes of nuts and lemon. Using bigDAWGS’ Sound Postcards, Chris Hatcher, Chief Winemaker shares his story on his pursuit of excellence. To uphold and represent Wolf Blass’ proud history while creating exceptional quality wines.


Grey Label by Wolf Blass Personalized Postcards with Sound

Crafted with the character to age impeccably, Grey Label is the first wine to bear the Wolf Blass name. With aromatic blue fruits, notes of dark chocolate and velvety tannins, the palate is succulent and plush giving the wine texture and length. Wolf Blass is using bigDAWGS’ Sound Postcards to explain the history of the proudly iconic Grey Label. And how it reflects the original winemaking philosophy of Wolf Blass — quality, character and consistency. Making strong women weak and weak men strong since 1966.


Black Label by Wolf Blass Customized Sound Postcards

An Australian winery in Barossa Valley wine region, Wolf Blass has been in the industry since 1996. With Black Label as its most iconic red wine, it is carefully blended to create a sophisticated and impressive structure. A multi-layered red wine with a multiplex composition of intense fruit. Using bigDAWGS’ Sound Postcards, Wolf Blass’ chief winemaker Chris Hatcher shares how they crafted the finest blend of red wine. Savoured during life’s extraordinary moments — Black Label by Wolf Blass.


InVision Communications Business Card with NFC

Think with the head and lead with the heart. InVision Communications has been moving people to action since 1991. A company that values relationships more than profits, InVision is one of America’s leading engagement agencies. Providing business communication solutions that cut through the noise and deliver meaningful content while changing hearts, minds and behaviours along the way. Jennifer Smart, Account Director of InVision is using bigDAWGS’ NFC Business Cards as her official calling card. Links and informations regarding Jen can easily be obtain just by simply tapping your phone on the NFC logo.


Pipeline Publishing Postcard with NFC

Read in 160 countries with 188,000 annual circulation, Pipeline has been in the industry since 2003. The magazine focuses on the issues that enable service providers to build a connection to the leading industry trends, technologies and suppliers. Pipeline is using bigDAWGS’ NFC Brochures and Greeting Cards to launch the magazine’s 8th Issue of its 13th Volume. Easily tap or scan your phone on the NFC sticker to download the edition and subscribe to Pipeline for free!