Mobile Security Manager Personalized Talking Brochure

Mobile Security Manager, or simply MSM, is a mobile app that alerts family and friends when one is in trouble. You can share your location through the app and get the latest crime reports around the area. MSM is using bigDAWGS’ Musical Brochures to showcase the features of their latest personal security mobile application. To download the app which is both available in Google Play and App Store, visit now!

Mobile Security Manager

Patient Choice Personalized LCD Video Brochure

Patient Choice has been serving the healthcare industry by providing guidance to patients in understanding their health insurance benefits. They will help you avail your Out-Of-Network benefit so you will have access to other medical provider’s services. Patient Choice is using bigDAWGS’ Video Greeting Cards to highlight the process of the company and promote its services. To learn more on how Patient Choice can help you, visit now!

Patient Choice

Prosight Specialty Insurance Business Card with NFC

Prosight Specialty Insurance has been in the insurance industry since 2009. They cater to businesses in the field of energy, consumer services, real estate, transportation, and construction, to name a few. The Federal Team at Prosight is using bigDAWGS’ NFC Business Card as their official calling card. You can go directly to Prosight’s website just by simply tapping your phone on their logo. To see more of bigDAWGS’ printed cards with NFC, visit now!

IMG_20180416_130542 copy

BioSpine Institute Custom Video Brochure Card

BioSpine is an institute that is known for performing minimally invasive spine procedures and non-surgical treatments. The company has performed more than 25,000 surgeries, with most procedures done with only three-quarter inch incisions. BioSpine is using bigDAWGS’ Video Greeting Cards to showcase the different spine procedures and treatments offered by BioSpine Institute. Visit a BioSpine clinic near you or book an appointment online at now!

BioSpine Institute

American Modern Customized Audio Greeting Card

American Modern has been in the insurance industry since 1938. They are licensed in all 50 states in the US with a specialization in residential property and recreational market. American Modern is using bigDAWGS’ Musical Greeting Cards to reconnect with their past insurance agents. Visit on how to become a new agent today or register again for a chance to win $100!

American Modern