Food Network Custom NFC Postcard

Food Network has been in the television industry for twenty five years. Aside from its headquarters in New York City, Food Network has various offices spread across the country. As of January 2016, the channel is available to over 95 million households. Using bigDAWGS’ NFC Postcards, Food Network invites everyone to be part of What’s Cooking in 2019. Simply tap your NFC-enabled mobile device for a chance to win at Food Network’s Fantasy Kitchen Giveaway. Sign up now and get the kitchen of your dreams! Visit for more details.


Cooking Channel NFC Brochure

Cooking Channel is a round-the-clock cable channel that broadcasts programs about food and cooking. It started airing in May of 2010 and is now available to over 61 million households in the United States. Cooking Channel is using bigDAWGS’ NFC Brochures to announce their Trade Show Special Offer. This package includes a 60-second feature on their recipe segment, playing all day at any time of the year. Simply tap your mobile device on the NFC Logo and Cooking Channel’s Special Offer website page will automatically open on your phone. Visit to see more of our unique NFC products!


Spin Master Promotional Audio Greeting Card

Spin Master is a Canadian global toy company based in Toronto, Ontario. It has been creating, designing and manufacturing innovative toys, games and entertainment products for twenty-five years. Spin Master is using bigDAWGS’ Musical Greeting Card to launch their newest collectible toy “Flush Force”. The product line comes with 150 creatures to collect from deep inside the bowels of Flushville. Check out now and start your own gross gang of Flushies!

Spin Master

Boston Children’s Hospital (Seacrest Studios) Video Card

Boston Children’s Hospital offers a complete range of healthcare services for children from birth through 21 years old. This includes the Creative Arts Program which covers Music Therapy, Community Partnerships and the Seacrest Studios among others. The studio is a TV and radio station broadcasting on Channel 19 to all hospital televisions in the main campus. Boston Children’s Hospital promotes “Kid-Merican Idol” at Seacrest Studios using bigDAWGS’ Video Greeting Cards. They also thanked everyone for supporting and lifting the children’s spirits by participating in the show. Visit and help change the future of every child!


Chase On The Lake Custom Video Book

Chase on the Lake is located in the heart of Walker, Minnesota, on the shores of Leech Lake. The beautiful and classic hotel has lake view rooms and offers a private two lane bowling alley inside the resort. Chase on the Lake celebrates the retirement of Meri Mengis using bigDAWGS’ Personalized Video Book. A compilation of Meri’s memorable moments as a Controller/Human Resources at the hotel for eight years. Plan your perfect getaway now and visit!