SEFAR Custom Video Book

The leading supplier of medical filtration and diagnostic solutions, Sefar is an independent Swiss corporation operating throughout the world. Developing, producing and converting precision-woven monofilament fabric solutions for medical applications since 1833. Sefar is using bigDAWGS’ Video Greeting Cards to launch its newest innovation for Wound Care. With products being specifically designed for the strict regulatory requirements of the medical industry, Sefar has your quality demand covered!


Lutheran Medical Center | SCL Health Recordable Sound Greeting Card

Lutheran Medical Center (LMC) is part of the SCL Health, a nonprofit faith-based health system that focuses on patients and families as the center of every thought, communication and action that takes place in the healing space. What is more special than being a part of the “welcome to the world” moment? LMC welcomes newborn babies through bigDAWGS’ Musical Greeting Card — where parents can record their first of many messages.


Roche – Premier Performers Club Video Invitation Card

Being in the industry for over 120 years with 17 biopharmaceuticals in the market and thousands of representatives all over the world, Roche created the Premier Performers Club to motivate its employees to reach their target sales in dollars and percentage in all sales categories. Roche personally congratulated their PPC Diamond Travel Winners through bigDAWGS’ Video Greeting Cards – their one-way ticket to Panama!


Princeton Radiology Custom Musical Card

The leader in imaging, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases, Princeton Radiology is introducing Quiet MRI — Up to 97% less noise, 100% more patient-friendly and superior image quality — changing the sound of MRI exams. Princeton Radiology is using bigDAWGS’ Musical Greeting Cards to promote their newly improved MRI exam – Quiet MRI, hear the difference.


Accenture with Centers For Medicare & Medicaid Services Video Mailer

CMS, is a part of the Department of Health and Human Services, works with Accenture and many stakeholders to create innovative, outcome-focused solutions that will provide access to high-quality healthcare at lower costs. Using bigDAWGS’ Video Greeting Cards, CMS together with Accenture promotes its vision of working together for a healthier America.