Boston Children’s Hospital Trust Personalized Video Greeting Card

The face behind Boston Children’s fundraising events, the Boston Children’s Hospital Trust was created in 1997 as the philanthropic resources of the hospital. They work with individuals, foundations and corporations to advance the hospital’s patient care and community health initiatives. Boston Children’s Hospital Trust celebrates the retirement of Judy Jones using bigDAWGS’ Personalized Video Greeting Card. A thank you video card from all the patients, donors, doctors and the Trust family for her years of service.


Aprimo Custom LCD Video Card

Aprimo is a software company that develops and sells marketing automation software and digital asset management technology. The Chicago-based company was founded in 1998 and now has 6 of the top 10 financial institutions. Aprimo sends their portfolio to Visa Team using bigDAWGS’ Video Greeting Card. The video card features Aprimo’s success story with DELL and what sets them apart from everyone else. Visit to know more of the products and services they offer!


Shareability Promotional Video Card

Most of people’s free time is now spent online. Thus, making brands pay a higher price to participate in the digital world. Shareability helps brands succeed in a new age of media by creating social content that cultivates an emotional connection between the brand and the consumers. Using bigDAWGS’ Video Greeting Card, Shareability sends their portfolio to brands that they would like to work with. The card contains video samples of some of their big hits from awesome clients over the years. Visit to see more of their work!


Chase On The Lake Custom Video Book

Chase on the Lake is located in the heart of Walker, Minnesota, on the shores of Leech Lake. The beautiful and classic hotel has lake view rooms and offers a private two lane bowling alley inside the resort. Chase on the Lake celebrates the retirement of Meri Mengis using bigDAWGS’ Personalized Video Book. A compilation of Meri’s memorable moments as a Controller/Human Resources at the hotel for eight years. Plan your perfect getaway now and visit!


Pearl Technology Holdings LCD Video Card

Pearl Technology Holdings is an automotive technology incubator based in Dallas, Texas. They have been constantly delivering groundbreaking technologies since 2014. Pearl offers an all-in-one solution and stand alone product to fit every auto dealers needs. Using bigDAWGS’ Video Greeting Card, Pearl invites everyone to the exclusive launch of Pearl Pre-Owned and Propensity360. It will be held at Dream Racing in Las Vegas, the largest private racing school in the world.