Ryan Companies LCD Video Mailer

Ryan Companies is a national builder, developer and a commercial real estate manager based in Minneapolis. Founded in 1938, the company has now more than 15 offices across the United States. Ryan tells the story in building the backdrop of life’s stories using bigDAWGS’ Video Greeting Card. Visit ryancompanies.com and start building values into your own business story now!

Ryan Companies

Netarq Architecture NFC Business Card

Juan Garcia-Maruri is a graduate from Southern California Institute of Architecture. He has over 25 years of experience in commercial and retail buildings, and residential projects in the US and internationally. Juan, a licensed architect in California and Colorado, is also the person behind Netarq Architecture. Just simply tap your NFC-enabled mobile device to Juan’s business card and you’ll be directly sent to Netarq’s website. If you want to see more of bigDAWGS promotions’ printed cards with NFC, visit bigdawgspromo.com now!

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BKG Structural Engineers Custom Singing Greeting Card

BKG Structural Engineers brings the architectural vision to reality. The firm is composed of highly qualified engineers who bring innovative designs and provide a collaborative environment between different teams. BKG spreads the holiday spirit using bigDAWGS’ Musical Greeting Cards. For the many successful years of doing business, BKG wishes everyone peace and joy this holiday season and throughout the new year.


Tiley Roofing Inc NFC Business Card

A member of the Colorado Roofing Association or CRA, Tiley Roofing Inc has been in the industry since 1999. The company’s line of business includes custom roofing for commercial and residential spaces, siding, and sheet metal services. The President and the CEO himself, Kirk Tiley is using bigDAWGS’ NFC Business Card as his official personal business card. Just by simply tapping an NFC-enabled cellular phone, Tiley Roofing’s website will automatically launch on your device. You can customize on what displays on your NFC product when tapped. It can be a website, your social media accounts, an online video or your personal contact details. Visit bigdawgspromo.com to see more of our products!

Tiley Roofing

DPR Construction LCD Video Folder

Doug Woods, Peter Nosler and Ron Davidowski co-founded DPR Construction in Redwood City, California three decades ago. From being a 10-employee company, DPR is now among the top 50 general contractors in the United States. With various offices spread across the country, they ranked number 16 in the nation last 2017. DPR Construction is using bigDAWGS’ Video Card as their portfolio during their Building Information Model (BIM) conference. It is a folder type of card containing video presentations regarding DPR’s work over the years. Join DPR in building great things—visit dpr.com now!