Bartender In A Box Point Of Sale Video Shelf Talkers

Bartender In A Box is a cocktail mixer where you can just add your favorite liquor in the box, shake, and then serve. It comes in two cocktail drinks, Margarita and Mai Tai, in a 2L box that makes up to 17 drinks. Bartender In A Box is using bigDAWGS’ LCD Video Shelf Talkers to demonstrate on how to use their product. To order your no mess and easy to mix cocktail in a box, visit now!

Bartender In A Box 2

FASTR Customized LCD Video Promotional Card

FASTR is a clothing, accessories, and media services brand that focuses on motorsport events and sports teams since 2016. Their merchandise collection can be fully customized with your team’s name, your logo, or your sponsor’s logo. FASTR is using bigDAWGS’ Video Greeting Cards to promote the products and services offered by the company. To order online or see upcoming events by FASTR, visit now!


Black Box Customized Postcard with LED Lights

Black Box has been redefining the alcoholic beverages industry since 2003. As a subsidiary of Constellation Brands, they are the first US brand to sell top-quality fine wines in boxes. In addition, their Premium Spirits Collection which includes vodka, whiskey, and tequila is also now available. Black Box is using bigDAWGS’ Postcards with LED Lights to promote their new collection of Premium Spirits in a box. To look for a Black Box retailer near you, visit now!

LED postcard

Doktar Shmoy Musical Gift Tag With Custom Sound

Doktar Shmoy is a performer who shares his life experiences through his short stories online. With the help of his friend, they were able to make the production of those videos happen. They were also able to bring artists, musicians, and other performers to join and participate. Doktar Shmoy shares happiness and joy to everyone through his Box Of Laughter made by bigDAWGS promotions. To get your sound box online, visit now! Don’t forget to check out for more innovative marketing products.


Prüvit Customized Talking Greeting Card

Pruvit has been creating the world’s first consumer-based ketone supplement drink since 2015. Their Nutritionally Advanced Technology, or NAT Keto drink comes in various flavors with a caffeine free option available. Pruvit is using bigDAWGS’ Musical Greeting Cards as invitations to the EPIK Awards & Gala Dinner by Prüvit. To order your keto drink online, visit!