Nayamode Studios Promotional Video Card

Founded in 2005, Nayamode creates web and mobile content, and social media campaigns through inspirational videos. With their experienced marketing consultants, they will help you build innovative video campaigns that are well-suited for your business. Nayamode Studios is using bigDAWGS’ Video Greeting Card to showcase some of their clients’ success videos that made a strong impact to their respective consumers. Let Nayamode help you tell your story in a video by visiting now!


Echo Blueprint Custom Business Card with NFC

Echo Blueprint has been in the industry since 1972. From selling blueprints and art supplies, the company expanded their services by adding a small printing press. Echo is continuously growing as new technology rises, not only in Florida but in the whole world as well. Lance Naumann, President of Echo Blueprint is using bigDAWGS’ NFC Business Card as his official calling card. You can contact Lance and go to Echo Blueprint’s website just by simply tapping your phone on the NFC logo. To see more of bigDAWGS’ printed cards with NFC, visit now!


Criterion.B Custom Video Brochure

Criterion.B is a branding and an inbound marketing agency based in Dallas, Texas. It has been building brand identities and driving business growth with its ROI-centric approach for more than ten years. Criterion.B presents their campaign plan for Blaine Stone Lodge through bigDAWGS’ Video Greeting Card. The strategic campaign aims for Blaine Stone to host more corporate events, lavish weddings and an outdoor social function. Visit and get a free consultation now!


Shareability Promotional Video Card

Most of people’s free time is now spent online. As a result, brands pay a higher price to participate in the digital world—until Shareability came in. They helped brands succeed in a new age of media by creating social content that cultivates an emotional connection between the brand and the consumers. Using bigDAWGS’ Video Greeting Card, Shareability sends their portfolio to brands that they would like to work with. The card contains video samples of some of their big hits from awesome clients over the years. Visit to see more of their work!


The Spi Group Personalized Musical Greeting Cards

Together we’ll create a strategy,

To make it fabulous and tell a great story.

Traditional, digital or both and in any category,

The Spi Group will execute your vision successfully,

And partner with you the entire way.

Sending love this holiday season using bigDAWGS’ Musical Greeting Cards, The Spi Group — your one-stop shop for all communication needs, will help you deliver that message indeed.