The Bollag Family by Darcy Roberts Photography | Musical Greeting Card

Celebrating the Christmas season by sending love and positivity, one card at a time — The Bollag’s Family is using bigDAWGS’ Musical Greeting Card to let their family and friends feel the Holiday spirit and wish them a rockin’ holiday season! With bigDAWGS promotions, you can send a personally designed greeting card with a customized sound to your loved ones perfect for any occasion that you could think of.


Bulldog Productions Custom Video Mailer Card

Being in the film industry for eight years, Bulldog Productions is an independent production company that specializes in commercial campaigns and short films. Sharing the same passion for storytelling and the creative process, the team ensures that no magic is lost as a project travels through the various stages in production. Bulldog Productions is using bigDAWGS’ Video Greeting Cards to promote the world tour of The Barnetts. Everyone at Bulldog Productions and The Barnetts wishes everyone a Happy Holidays and they cannot wait to see you all on the road!


K+T Production Personalized Greeting Card with Sound

Describe your project in your own words and they will translate it into the language, rules and details of the printing and mailing world — K+T production handles various types of mailing over the years that they are skilled enough to ask the right questions and help flesh out the details of what you need. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year through bigDAWGS’ Musical Greeting Cards, K+T Production – living and breathing print and mail specifications, so you don’t have to!


The Phoenix Forum Audio Greeting Card

A business-to-business education trade event, The PHX Forum attracts a growing number of international base business professionals each year. From a wide range of companies representing all aspects of the online adult business world – including paysite owners, producers, talents, and other leading online service providers. The PHX Forum is using bigDAWGS’ Musical Greeting Cards as in invitation to their 5th Annual PHX Forum on April 15-17 at the Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas. Sending you the warmest greetings this holiday season, everyone at the PHX Forum is looking forward to seeing you in the Bahamas!


The Wisdom Link Customized Web Greeting Cards

Creating a tremendous value not by being the wisdom, but by just being the link. The Wisdom Link has been unleashing the true potential of growth-mindset businesses since 2002. They have been taking on bigger goals and addressing bigger challenges while also actively pursuing positive results for the next big opportunities. New year means new kit. The Wisdom Link is using bigDAWGS’ Web Greeting Cards to launch their newest agenda for the upcoming year. Sending it to hundreds of passionate and capable innovators and industry pioneers from all across the United States, Canada and UK.