Diamond Machining Technology Customized Video Mailer

Diamond Machining Technology, or simply DMT, manufactures diamond sharpening products since 1976. The company is known for their patented and award-winning products that are superior in quality, versatile, and easy to use. DMT is using bigDAWGS’ Video Tag to promote the variety of sharpening products made by the company. To become a DMT dealer or find a retailer near you, visit dmtsharp.com now!

DMT 2.0

Camillus Cutlery Company Promotional LCD Video Brochure

Camillus Cutlery is a knife manufacturing company that has been in the industry since 1876. They sell knives for a variety of tasks, including hunting, tactical, rescue, survival, collectibles, outdoors, and for everyday use. Camillus is using bigDAWGS’ Video Tag to showcase the different knives made by the company. To view their full catalog online or become a Camillus dealer, visit camillusknives.com now!

Camillus Cutlery

Sheba by Mars Petcare Motion Activated Video Shelf Talker

Mars Petcare is one of the world’s largest pet companies with over 85,000 associates in more than 55 countries. They have been providing nutritional and health services to different types of pet animals since 1939. Mars Petcare is using bigDAWGS’ Video Shelf Talkers to showcase their always fresh, premium, and perfectly proportioned cat food, Sheba. For treats that your cat will surely love, shop at sheba.com now!

Sheba Premium Cat Food

CATECO Litter Box Custom LCD Video Shelf Talker

Cateco wants to provide a clean, hygienic, and friendly environment between cats and cat owners at home. Thus, Cateco Odour-Proof Litter Box was born. It is an extraordinary and remarkable litter box that is clinically proven to reduce odours by up to 86%. Cateco is using bigDAWGS’ Video Shelf Talkers to promote the different types of odour-proof litter boxes available for your pets. To learn more on how to use Cateco’s litter boxes, visit cateco.co now!


Ambu Customized Video Brochure Card

Ambu manufactures and sells high quality life support and diagnostics equipment and healthcare solutions since 1937. Their fields of expertise include Patient Monitoring and Diagnostics, Emergency Care, and Anaesthesia. Ambu is using bigDAWGS’ Video Greeting Cards as their patients’ educational video book for the new Ambu ACTion Block device. To find a local Ambu representative near you, visit ambu.com now!