PanurgyOEM Custom Business Card with NFC

PanurgyOEM has been in the electronics services industry since 1984. They provide external solutions to manufacturers, extended warranty and third party companies, retail superstores, and a whole lot more. Mark Palumbo, Director of Business Development, is using bigDAWGS’ NFC Business Cards as his official calling card for AES 2019. You can reach Mark or go to PanurgyOEM’s website just by simply tapping your phone on the business card. To see more of bigDAWGS’ printed products with NFC, visit now!


Primo Water Corporation LCD Video Mailer Card

Primo Water Corporation has been manufacturing innovative, stylish, and flexible water dispensers since 2004. Their water dispenser includes a bottom right or left side dispenser for pet bowls, making it 100% pet-friendly. Primo is using bigDAWGS’ Video Greeting Cards to promote their water dispenser products and purified water refills and exchange. Visit to find the closest Primo Water near you!


YKK AP Custom Sticker Tag with NFC

YKK AP has been building state-of-the-art commercial facade systems and residential doors and windows since 1991. The YKK Group now operates in 71 countries across the world with more than a hundred partner companies. YKK AP promotes their products and services using bigDAWGS’ NFC Sticker Tags. You can go directly to YKK AP’s website just by simply tapping your phone on the logo. To see more of bigDAWGS’ printed products with NFC, visit now!

YKK AP Group of Companies Custom NFC Sticker, 1.5" Circle

Snap Lock Chicken Coops by Formex Custom Video Display

Formex began manufacturing high quality plastic products in 1961. They offer various products such as transformer pads, dock floats, uncharted watercraft, chicken coops and hunting blinds, among others. In addition, they also offer custom thermoforming and create a simple sketch or a completed 3D cad model. Formex launched the Snap Lock Chicken Coops in stores through bigDAWGS’ Motion Activated Countertop Video Display. The unique Snap Lock design requires no tools for assembly, lightweight for moving into multiple locations and is proudly made in the USA. Visit to see more of their products!

Snap Lock Chicken Coops

Bio-Vet | Point of Sale Video Display

Bio-Vet produces innovative direct fed microbial products as key components of a complete animal nutrition and health. They offer a complete line of capsules, pastes, soluble powders, and daily feed additives, among others. Bio-Vet announces a sale using bigDAWGS’ Custom In-Store Video Display. For a limited time only, QuadriCal is 50% off if you buy a Rumenaider Cattle Capsule. This offer is only valid from August 1 to October 7, 2017. Visit for more information!