bigDAWGS promotions Unveil NFC Buttons and Magnets

We’re excited to announce a new addition to our Near Field Communication (NFC) line with the NFC Buttons and Magnets. The NFC Buttons are full color pinback buttons that are easy to wear and it’s also available with a magnet backing. These products still have the full NFC capabilities making them not only sleek but also functional.

The bigDAWGS promotions’ research and development team has been hard at work on new projects that provide solutions to unique problems. These new products are one of the ways that we combine technology with print media.

NFC technology is becoming more common and with good reason. The most common use of this are the contactless payments used by credit card companies. This technology, however, has a wide variety of uses that can be taken advantage of in marketing solutions. The functions are also triggered with a simple tap from your smartphone to an NFC tag making it very simple to use. These functions include: visiting a website, showing a video, calling a number, or even downloading an app.

We have used NFC in several of our products including musical and video greeting cards, business cards, Webkeys, and even stickers. The NFC Buttons and Magnets will allow people to have a wearable NFC chip to experiment with different marketing strategies. They use ultra-thin NFC devices so people won’t notice anything different about it from a regular button. Similar to our other NFC products, they will be virus and malware free. People can also use Analytics to track how people are engaging with their NFC campaigns.

bigDAWGS promotions is excited to unveil these new products and continue to develop not only products that use NFC but different kinds of technologies that arise. 

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