iPhone’s NFC chip will be activated for iOS 11 and we are ready for it

Can iPhones use NFC? Apple NFC has had a peculiar history. While other smart devices have began to embrace smartphone NFC, iPhone NFC had managed to avoid the puddle for many years. Apple released Apple pay which uses the iPhone NFC chip from as far back as December 2015 but they closed the iPhone NFC off from other business ever since it’s release.

Apple NFC functions are already being used worldwide for core Apple iPhone functions like Apple Pay and upcoming Apple Watch features. However, last week on newly released documents discussing upcoming iOS 11 release we learned that the iPhone’s NFC chip will be used for more than just promoting Apple products.

We at bigDAWGS are readily prepared for the onset of the new iPhone NFC release. Last week our staff came together to discuss our future plans for brand-to-brand marketing using our NFC products and how companies can benefit from the new iPhone NFC launch. Looking at our product line that ranges from NFC business cards to more complicated NFC direct mailers we are waiting impatiently for the release of the iPhone’s NFC compatibility.

NFC isn’t anything new to us, we’ve been in the business selling NFC compatible devices for over 5 years. Some of our most popular products like the videoCARDs and soundCARDs even have additional NFC tag add-on features. Imagine opening up a video mailer brochure and be able to tap your phone to the same direct mailer to go to a specified link. We make those products.

NFC for the iPhone will still be in it’s infancy once it is launched and we’re going to try our best to help get the word out there as well. Our bigDAWGS team is looking forward to future live direct marketing events to meet any one of you that wants to learn more about how every day marketing products could use NFC.

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