Enhancing direct mail marketing strategies through video in print technology

In the advent of the digital age, new concepts for marketing strategies are increasing exponentially as time goes by. The possibilities are almost endless with the use of digital technology together with the limitless capabilities of the Internet. It all started with direct mail marketing, wherein the strategy is to send a promotional printed piece directly to target customer base. It is estimated that consumers who receive direct mail advertisements were able to recall the brand 75% of the time whereas they only recall brands with digital ads 44% of the time. Among the many marketing strategies, direct mail has the third highest ROI at 27%.

As time goes by, the technology has become more upgraded than ever, and integration and combination of technologies have made quite a lot of brilliant innovations with regards to marketing strategies. The competition has since become friendlier though, but the options for marketing strategies have become wider and wider. A steady rising trend is the use of videos as 90% of users say that product-related videos are helpful to them in the decision-making process

In the event of enhancing marketing strategies with the current technology, one option is currently standing out. An indirect variation of direct mail marketing, video in print technology is increasingly becoming popular with the emergence of video mailers and video brochures. At first, this may look like a usual direct mail adverts that is most of the times end up in the trash can. Once opened, a bit of a surprise may be felt by the receiver as it unleashes a dynamic advert that will keep the receiver glued and the intended message will be eventually delivered. Consumers have a positive impact on videos and it is estimated that 4 in 5 consumers say a video showing how a product or services works is important.

This is a very innovative marketing strategy; using a video mailer as studies have shown that videos attract more attention and user engagement is more effective than any other marketing strategy. 59% of executives agree that if both text and video are presented on the same topic that they are more likely to choose the video. It is actually making printed adverts as a thing of the past where more and more firms embrace the video technology to send messages and information to their target customer base.

In line with this, the video in print technology will become more established as time goes by and will become the main marketing strategy for businesses. 96% of B2B organizations already use video in some form in their marketing campaigns of which 73% report positive results on their ROI

bigDAWGS Promotions has created a wide array of LCD Video products and among them is the videoCARD. It’s a video mailer with a customizable printed covers (made from 1200 dpi print quality) that may seem to look like an ordinary advert booklet at first. But once it is opened, the magic happens as it has an automatic video playback option. Buyers can have multiple LCD screen options depending on their requirements. It has an exceptional battery life of up to 4 hours of playback. It can even stay on of up to 1 year but nevertheless, it has a recharging capability through USB ports. This makes it a potent advertising material which can be passed on to different persons without making a fuss. What’s even better is that its video capacities are almost endless for advertisers as up to 2 hours of video can be loaded at a time in this LCD video mailer. The design is up to the customer and they can even choose to have it in black paper stock for that unique feel.

There are other products in the bigDAWGS LCD line including the videoBOOK which is similar to the videoCARD but with a hard cover instead of the soft covers of the LCD video greeting cards. We also have the videoFOLDER that can be used for media kits and sales presentations.

In the industry of marketing, adaptation is the key to become effective. The LCD video direct mails have effectively adapted to the needs of targeted customers nowadays and will stay effective as long as it can. It is strongly suggested to look further on this type of strategy in order for your marketing strategies become more effective.

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