A message from our CEO regarding COVID-19

I have been following the news closely and how the Covid-19 pandemic has caused much pain and suffering.  On top of that, due to government emergency response measures resulting in many business closures and cancelled events, many of us are also facing economic hardships in both our personal and professional lives.

Over the past few days we have received a lot of feedback from our customers that expresses their concerns on how they can weather the economic storm caused by Covid-19. Because of this, starting April 13th we will be offering the following:

  1. 15% discount on all tech-enabled printed products such as videoCARDs, soundCARDs, and webCARDs.
  2. Get a videoCARD 4.3” LCD LITE custom printed sample for only $15,  or a videoCARD 7.0” LCD LITE custom printed sample for only $25.  Completely custom printed with your graphics or logo and custom loaded with your video.  NO SETUP FEES!
  3. 30% discount on all PIXELFOUR design services such as graphic design, web design, and whiteboard animation, etc.
  4. 35% discount on management fees for Ad Campaigns (Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram)

*Offer ends April 30, 2020. Please contact your customer success agent for more details or e-mail [email protected]

How can our videoCARD, soundCARD, and webCARD products make all the difference?

  • They provide a unique way of connecting with current customers during this time of isolation.
  • If your trade show or event was cancelled, you have an alternative way of reaching out to contacts in a personalized way.
  • You can still deliver winning presentations that explain your product, service or business clearly, all without having an in-person meeting.
  • Hold online video conferences or virtual events and send out webCARDs that attendees can plug into USB to automatically join online (no typing, no loading software or websites, and no looking for meeting link URLs).

Here’s some more ideas of how our products can be used:

  • Our NFC, webUSB and sound products can be used as a tool to send information stressing the importance of hand washing and other sanitary measures that avoid the spread and contracting of viruses.
  • Our videoCARDs can be used to replace a cancelled speaking event to still effectively get the message out to attendees.
  • For schools, universities and colleges, our soundCARDs can be used to send fun welcome messages to newly admitted students, or send congratulations messages to the graduating class.
  • For schools, universities and colleges, our webUSB and NFC products can be used to facilitate virtual tours of schools instead of in-person ones.  Students can even save time and money since they no longer need to drive, fly or train to get to the campuses across the country.
  • Sound shelf talkers with motion sensor can be used in hospital settings at wash stations and bathrooms to remind people that enter to wash their hands.
  • Sound shelf talkers with motion sensor can be used to provide a message about products in grocery and pharmacy settings.
  • NFC and webUSB products can be used to direct company employees to virtual meetings in place of live events.
  • videoCARDs can be used by the medical and pharmaceutical industries to send information about their products and services to hospitals and caregivers in place of having representatives visit facilities.

If you have questions contact your customer success agent for more details or e-mail [email protected].  If you have feedback, feel free to reply directly to this email.

Thanks so much for using bigDAWGS. 

Stay safe,
Edgar Davin, CEO at bigDAWGS

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