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We have been continually crafting ways to better our products and today we release a new add-on for our videoCARD productsvideoCARD Label. These are printed adhesives that can go around the box for the Standard videoCARD products and the foam sleeve of the Lite videoCARDs.

These labels not only add an appealing aesthetic to the packaging of your videoCARDs but it also displays your brand even without opening them for better recall. The labels are printed with the same exceptional print quality that we use for all of our products.

videoCARDs have been a staple for a lot of the businesses and individuals that we work with. These are patented video brochures that we have created and designed in-house. The combination of printed media and technology has given these a specific appeal that makes it work in any industry. Their portability is also another factor because you can put all this information in such a compact item without sacrificing the quality. They’re also versatile in terms of what people and companies can do with them.

This new product is one of the results of our continued research on the market and from feedback of the businesses that we work with. We always welcome new ideas and are willing to work together on providing unique solutions to different needs. We will continue to find ways on how we can improve our existing products and also create brand new ones.

Visit our videoCARD product page to know more about our custom video brochures.

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